Christmas and Advent

We are in the midst of the season known historically as Advent. Advent means “arrival,” and refers to the days in which we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  Because our Savior has come, now we look forward to the time He will return again in glory to right every wrong, and to wipe away every tear.

Here is a short advent devotion by David Wells of Gordon Conwell Seminary. Enjoy.

15th day of advent. Enjoydec14
Day 15
David Wells
Revelation 5:6–14

John wept. He could not read the counsels of God he yearned to know. Those counsels, written on the scroll (5:1–2) can only be interpreted by Christ because they are realized only through him. “Look,” said one of the elders, there is the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” (5:5) who can know God’s counsels. And when John looked, there was a “Lamb” (5:6) that had been slaughtered.

The Lion and the Lamb. Christ, the Lion, sits on David’s throne and now reigns universally over sin, death and the devil. But to know him as Lion, we must first know him as Lamb, the one who bears our sin and judgment in our place. Here we see, then, in the one person of Christ, both the Lion and the Lamb, both courage and patience, power and meekness, might and innocence. We see victory and suffering, victory through suffering.

Do you also see that from him comes the Holy Spirit sent out in all of the fullness of God (5:6)? It is he who has opened our eyes to see the glory of Christ and who strengthens us in the midst of life’s conflicts. And when the shadows fall across our lives—pain and sickness, unsatisfied desires, hopes unfulfilled, love baffled— he it is who points us to the Christ whose conquest of life’s disorder is complete, that we might find comfort and assurance. Worthy is the Lamb!

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