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Counseling is a vital aspect of the local church and the Christian life. We believe every church should be equipped and able to counsel from God’s Word, the Bible. At Riverside, we are happy to offer counseling and discipleship to those who desire it.  Yet, we also recognize that many times, those who are seeking counseling can be apprehensive to seek it because it means having to let our guard down and to let someone else into our lives, which can be messy. But the truth is – rarely do we ever get the help that we really need unless we are willing to ask for it.

This reminds me of many of the instances in the Bible when people approached Jesus. Those who came to Him (likely having tried every other avenue available) knew that they needed help and that He was their only hope. This runs counter to our current culture where we believe that we are “self-made” and “self-reliant,” when what God is looking for is (and has always been) helplessness. Jesus always showed grace to those who knew they were helpless. But that meant first having to realize that their problems were beyond them. The proud religious leaders wouldn’t dare admit, much less come to Jesus, because they didn’t think that He had anything they needed. And because of that they missed out on His grace.

Jesus is willing to help those in need, and as His followers, our desire is to follow Him in showing grace and assistance to all who are willing to admit they can’t make it on their own. The truth is none of us can make it on our own, and we all need Jesus and His Word in more ways than we realize. Yes, that means it will be uncomfortable sharing our struggles. But the gospel of free grace sets us free to tell others about our problems, because we are not saved by what we do, we are saved by what Jesus has done for us. That is where we begin to find healing and freedom, and begin walking in the good news of the power of God’s love for us.

If you there is any way in which we can be of service to you through our counseling ministry, please email us below and let us know what we can do for you. We would be happy to help in any way that we can.




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