Trophies and the Gospel

Here is a great word shared by one of the members of our church. Have you ever noticed how we live in a society that seems to be obsessed with trophies? From the off-handed comments regarding the so-called “trophy spouse,” to the mindset found in youth sports today that “everybody gets a trophy,” it seems that everyone is looking to some symbol, or some sign to define their value and self-worth. Read on to see how Dan helps us to see trophies in their proper light…


Why do we desire them?  Maybe it is because they represent accomplishments. Trophies come in many different sizes and types.  Some are for athletic achievements.  Or it could be a diploma, especially from a prestigious college or university. Or what about career achievements via bonuses, promotions or the “corner office” with a job title to go with it… But for all the honor and respect those types of trophies represent, they do not compare to the trophies presented by our Heavenly Father to His Son Jesus….us.  We are the Lamb of God’s trophies representing his eternal accomplishment.  To me, that is amazing.  How humbling is the reality that as sinners saved by grace alone we are the prize for the King of Kings ultimate sacrifice?


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